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The Car Park

Hello, my friends! I am back on the czech streets as I know that is the perfect place if you are in the mood for some random fucking and you have some extra cash for spending. Any woman out there will ride your cock, all you have to do is to find them the right price. I was in a car park this time and there I found this sweet babe who seemed all alone. She would accept to show me her tits for 5,000 CZK. From there it was only one step to licking my balls and ass. Just watch and drool, you little perverts!

Czech Streets the car park

So the babe over there said yes to my offer only when she saw the money. Once I pulled out the cash, she started to reconsider my sayings, so I knew a proper fucking is about to happen. Watch her grabbing the money and losing her top for me. I wanted to touch her, but she charged me extra. Anyway, once I got all horny and hard, I had to pay another 20,000 for the quickie. I told her what I want and she set the price. I had to pay and she was pretty expensive, but she totally worth it. Just sit back there and watch that sweet chick taking my throbbing cock between her lips and sucking on it like it was her job. Like the chicks from the site she has some talent and I might looking for her in the future on the czechstreets. Or maybe not since there are lots of new babes waiting for my large amount of money and my cock. Have fun, you all!

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